coro di sogni

“coro di sogni”
An artist album with 146 tracks born from the dreams of the public
Out on 04 December 2020
with EMA Canticae label of EMA Vinci records

Will be presented on the occasion of the Sedicesima Giornata del Contemporaneo
Saturday 5 December at 11 am live streaming on the EMA Vinci records YouTube channel
Together with Reverie will be Franco Guerzoni, Raffaella Perna and Giuseppe Arnesano

Link to the live:

About “chorus of dreams”:
Three months after Reverie’s performance “Sogno 2: The Sleeping Muse”,
on 4 December 2020 with the support of EMA Vinci records, her new artwork comes out:
“choir of dreams”, with the homonymous title of the format that, since last January, has allowed all those who took part in this artist’s project to share their dream memories. It collects 146 audio tracks: the same dreams sung a cappella and in speakerphone by the artist during the cathartic and collective performance at the Palazzina Liberty Dario Fo e Franca Rame in Milan on 12 September 2020, in collaboration with Fondazione Mudima.

As the curator Raffaella Perna states, “Reverie works with the materiality of the voice used in its raw state, as a plastic, corporeal element, which puts the artist’s physical experience in contact with the dream experience of the people involved. Sculpture, vocal performance, dream activity come together in a work conceived as a collective cognitive process “.

While the tangible “Sleeping Muse” by Reverie (a face in bronze and grafts of nature) was the incipit of this path, chorus of dreams is the first of the two intangible audio works of synthesis and was created with the desire to be the as usable as possible so that everyone can listen to their own dream or the dreams of others and recognize themselves in them.

The second stage involves the creation of a special artist album, with further synthesis work, in a limited edition. In its entirety, it is therefore a complex and long-term project that turns out to be an important reflection of our time.

Link to the preview of the album: