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On the inaugural day of the 20th anniversary of OPEN, International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, to be held in Venice from 1 September to 1 October 2017, the young artist Reverie will perform with a work in honor of Master Luigi Ontani. During the 74th International Film Festival, the Giardino Moresco of the historic Hotel Excelsior will be transformed into an ideal place for “PourOntani” with an daydreaming dedication to the extraordinary artist from Vergato who lives between Rome and the East.
At the entrance of this “room” with the sky as a roof, a golden symbol and a Reverie’s letter will be given to the visitors: this will be the artist’s invitation to share their reactions. The final result will then be a synthesis work.

«I took up a lily to write on paper a sensitive story that would be “suited” to the ideal Maestro for my rêverie. I think back to his aphorism: “I always quote from memory, so the quotation tends to be elastic or even ungrammatical”.
Ave Maestro Luigi Ontani! PourOntani is a daydreaming dedication that does not envisage any kind of quotation/recitation, artifice or expedient. It is a question of necessity and of life: tableaux-vivants, works made from life ad especially the living echo of “VivArte”.
Ave Maestro Luigi Ontani!
This is my promise: the public will be involved and immersed in a real game of roles. For this journey into the masks of Maestro Ontani I have chosen synaesthesia as the main figure of speech. From object to object, from costume to costume and from skin to skin: I shall animate immobility, lend an ear to those who ask, hold the gaze or blink my eyes, I shall arrive at the navel of things. Every activated sense will be my own, but to become a vehicle and a tool for ampli cation: everything will be real in a shared Elsewhere. Person, mask, shadow: I shall follow the process of change telling about a bestiary, a diary of new humanities, starting from a willow branch and from Leda’s eggs; from Dante the Cricket to the Ombrofago passing through Chimeras, Angels, Saints and Time… A metamorphosis that will end with the icon that for me is the most powerful/ present:
Ave Maestro Luigi Ontani!»

Only the visitors who will turn on their immagination, will feel this work of art…

Friday 1 September 2017 – 15 o’clock
“PourOntani. A daydreaming dedication to Luigi Ontani”,
This is the title of Reverie’s performance on the occasion of the OPEN’s opening exhibition in Venice, Lido, Hotel Excelsior.