Tempo zero

Reverie/ Tempo zero
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On the occasion of CYAN by Alessandro Verdi, the upcoming exhibition of Fondazione Mudima in Milan that will open to the public on May 4, 2017, the young artist Reverie will perform with a project of poetic introspection dedicated to the dialogue between the works of the painter and the public.

The Mudima Foundation, a historic space of the neo-avant-garde of the second half of the 20th century as Fluxus, is the perfect place for a young form of artistic experience.

On May 23, 24 and 25, during the opening hours of the exhibition (11-13 and 15-19), Reverie will present his work for the first time after her private experiments and in parallel with his virtual poetic actions.
It will be a silent but at the same time provocative performance; invisible, “inactive” but at the sime time “reactive”: a peaceful and creative “violation” of the visitors’ living space as well as Verdi’s works affect the sensitivity of souls.
This first public project will reveal a “noisy” and visibly poetic action.

Based on his own research, the action planned for Verdi at the Mudima Foundation will take place on three levels: dual dialogue-dedication between the paintings and drawings and the public, quotations of historical happenings, transposition of the real into the virtual.

The performer will alternate a phases of observation, re-enactment and birth in contact with the public. She will use silence as a key element to “establish a contact with what is represented” and the visitor’s mind, this specific non-sound will be deeply echoed by a far mention (4’33 “by John Cage) to stimulate the public to approach all the senses with Verdi’s works. Reverie will not be a conventional guide, rather an unusual approach that will call for concentration on works for a different perception of the contingency of art, life and the present time.
At the entrance, visitors will be given a text written by Reverie: a specific invitation to freely record their vision of the show and the performance. And if they want, the will be able to share with her their images, videos and thoughts via social (#tempozeroreverie) or email (tempozeroreverie@artmoodon.com).
All the documentation will be synthesize by the young aritst along with the official one and its final result will be a unique work of art.

Tempo zero, Reverie in Fondazione Mudima, foto F. Mantegna